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Andres Ospina is Blue Clean's WHS, Environmental and Operations Manager, leading the company's management system to comply with international standards and Australian regulation, focusing on quality performance, environmental good practices with a continuous improvement focus. 


Andres has been working for Blue Clean for over 2 years, using his great values and commitment to positively impact the society and the environment with correct management of processes and procedures, he believes the team work within company's stakeholders, improve day by day the company management systems and add value to all the services provided.


Andres has a strong commitment with the environment, he is regularly involved in activities that positively impact the community. Andres is enthusiastic with sports, arts and technology, and reflects this to his day by day activities.

Andres Ospina

Operations Manager



Leonardo Pabon

Accounting Manager

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Miguel Albino 

Founder and Managing Director


Katty Echeverry

Quality and HR Manager