Mopping all the hard floor is particularly important, to give the proper finishing of all the cleaning we have done.

Identify the floor the be mopped

No. 1


For next floor types use hot water, floor cleaner liquid and if necessary specialised product (methylated spirit), DRY THE MOP WELL BEFORE USE IT

Wooden floor

wooden floor.jpeg

Ceramic floor

ceramic floor.jpeg

Laminate floor

laminate floor.jpeg


For next floor types use hot water and floor cleaner liquid, do not use abrasive chemicals.

Concrete floor

concrete floor.jpeg

Marble floor

marble floor.jpeg

Natural stone floor

natural stone.jpeg


Check there is no water excess, dry it if necessary with a cloth.


dry floor.jpeg


Throw the dirty mop water in the laundry sink, toilet or floor  drain.  NEVER in the street or on the grass.

water drain.jpeg