Katty Echeverry

Quality and Human Resources Manager

Katty Alexandra Echeverry, master’s in business administration (MBA) and Human Resources, she responsible for the Quality and Human Resources area since 2020 at Blue Clean. She loves her job because from the quality area she can monitor the company's processes and at the same time improve them. And from the Human Resources area, being responsible for the recruitment process and personnel movements in general, she has the opportunity to see the company grow with our recruitment processes, from her area she achieves processes that allow workers to feel comfortable in their work and enable them to do their jobs flawlessly. From Katty's position, she intends to ensure that both the company and the employees win in all aspects. In addition, she feels fortunate because her position is contributing to the achievement of the objectives and goals of the company.

Blue Clean allowed her to work in the areas that she liked the most. Her quote for life is "Choose a job that you like, and you will not have to work a day of your life". Therefore, the day she spent on work is not wasted and she lives for the moment. She had the opportunity to see the company grow and it makes her happy to be a part of it. She hopes that in the short to medium term BlueClean will continue to allow her to grow professionally as the company also grows.


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Miguel Albino 

Founder and Managing Director


Leonardo Pabon

Accounting Manager

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Andres Ospina 

Operations Managers