Leonardo Pabon

Accounting Manager

Leonardo Pabon, works as an Accounting Manager in Blue Clean Property Services. He has been working in this position since 2016 as he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Colombia in 2012.  Leonardo moved to Australia a year after in 2013 to study a Project Management Advanced Diploma. Then he realised he had a passion for numbers, and completed a Master of Business Administration with a major in Accounting.


For Leonardo, working as an accountant faces a lot of challenges. This is a fast-paced industry (despite its reputation for being 'boring’), because of the rapid evolution of technology, changing laws, and certification requirements. The best accountants are always looking for new ways to upskill and learn something new.


Leonardo has a strong passion for numbers, and working at Blue Clean has given him a chance for chasing his dream of working with numbers, and even closer. For him, each number can tell a story; therefore, if people say that "working in accounting is boring", then this statement does not make sense for Leonardo.


He is grateful for being a member of Blue Clean, as he is surrounded with a friendly environment, encouraging co-workers and motivated employees, etc. This experience is giving Leonardo an opportunity to express himself at its best way.


As a member of the leadership team, he wishes his contribution can help Blue Clean stands out in the industry, be stable and keep developing to upgrade into another position in the Cleaning Services industry.


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