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Miguel Albino 

Founder and Managing Director

Miguel is the founder and Managing Director at Blueclean Property Services

After studying his bachelor of Commercial Engineering in Bogota - Colombia, Miguel moved to Sydney in 2009 and finalised his Master of Business Administration in 2013.

Working in the cleaning industry since 2013,  has provided Miguel with the experience and skills to become an entrepreneur in this sector. Blue Clean was founded in 2013 as an initiative to achieve Miguel’s personal and professional goals.

Blue Clean has grown from being a very small business into a promising company employing over 30 staff. Miguel has implemented a business approach to provide a distinctive model meeting residential and commercial customers and staff needs and satisfaction.

Miguel strives to manage a healthy work environment and provide cleaning solutions to property owners, tenants and businesses who can truly rely on good business practices. He has a strong passion to deal with the day to day challenges of the industry which involves managing staff, contractors and meeting customers’ expectations.

For Miguel, building a team has been a pathway full of experiences that has enabled him with abilities to understand people’s needs and use the best tools for communications and technologies. He enjoys working in an affable, peaceful and collaborative environment.

Miguel aims to discover in the long term a whole world of new possibilities which include the expansion of Blue Clean to the BC Group of companies and the BC Foundation.



Leonardo Pabon

Accounting Manager

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Andres Ospina 

 Operations Manager


Katty Echeverry

Quality and HR Manager