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Uncleaned Gyms? From Sexual Transmission Bacteria to Bacteria of Stool of Animals.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It is so well known that gyms are so prone to be full of bacteria and pathogens but people frequently ignore the impact on their health. You can see how these big and fit dudes work out hard to achieve their personal goals and in the process of doing so, they look so tremendously sweaty and sometimes or most of the times they're smelly too, no offence! There's nothing wrong about that, otherwise how else can someone make the most out of their routine at the gym?

It is quite awkward, shocking and sometimes funny to see people's reactions when they find benches and equipment all wet, smelly and dirty. In addition, if the gym isn’t regularly cleaned, the situation will get worse with the thought and fact of built-up dirt and germs. It is often recommended to lay down a towel and spray-wipe the surfaces you use. This somehow prevents you from exposing your body to bacteria and fungus, but is that enough?

There are a number of researches on the web making an infinite list of bacteria and fungus, surrounding training centres such us Klebsiella, E. Coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida and influenza, just to name a few. However, members may not be aware of the infections there can be and most members don’t’ even have a clue what these names mean when mentioned. The worst is that not all cleaning agents can completely kill these pathogens; they may simply survive. According to the World Health Organisation, these fungus and bacteria seen in gyms ranges from sexual transmission diseases to bacteria found in human intestines and stool of animals. They can cause a number of symptoms like skin infections, pimples, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting. If untreated, they can lead to diseases like cervical cancer, pneumonia and severely cracked cancer and other health issues.

Having your gym cleaned, free of germs and totally hygienic sounds like an impossible mission, but the truth is that making your members aware of the importance of following the gym guidelines for the use of the machinery and equipment, will prevent them from risking their health. Monthly campaigns should be run to alert and to educate affiliates of the right use of towels, spray and wipe surfaces, wash hands before and after use of equipment etc. It is essential to supply the members with a regular cleaning of the gym facilities and machines. There is nothing more pleasant than finding a fitness centre looking organised and smelling good and it is even more pleasant to find showers, toilets and changing rooms cleaned and disinfected, free of odours and litter.

Unfortunately, gym managers risk too much when it comes to lowering the costs, which affects the cleaning of gyms. As gyms have a vast number of people coming in and out, it is not an easy task to keep the place always neat, but can you imagine how it would be without having a regular and proper cleaning? Well, this is a big issue that some fitness centres have and not much attention is given to this. Although gym managers know about it, they sometimes ignore it, forget it or get used to that. But most members don't complain, they just get tired and leave. If your gym is going viral with awful photos over the social networks and destroying the good word of your brand, it doesn't matter how much effort and investment is put into attracting new members, they will leave after all.

Always maintaining your gym tidy and clean is not an easy job and can be time consuming. Finding a good cleaning provider can help you, making your members happy and enjoying their time in the gym at its best. Gym managers should check regularly the right performance of the cleaning of the gym and more importantly check toilets, showers, saunas and changing rooms. These areas are the most critical due to the high concentration of bacteria and fungus. Bathrooms are also affected by humidity generating mould in shower and floor tiles where people sometimes walk barefoot. Treat your members well by providing them with the best cleaning and hygienic conditions and they will reward you with loyalty and good word of mouth.

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