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How often should carpet be professionally cleaned?

There are question and debates over how often a carpet must get a professional deep cleaning.

As many properties all over NSW has carpet at least in one bedroom, keep the carpet’s fabric stainless and dirty free is becoming a necessity for any household.

Performing a regular vacuuming of the carpet (at least 2 times a week) can reduce the amount of dust and dirty, but in many cases the vacuum conditions, the presence of pets or even the carpet material can lead to an accumulation of germs, bacteria or fluids that can cause health problems or irreversible damage to the carpet.

For that reason, each property and carpet need different approach,

If you are no more than 2 people in the property and a regular environmental dirty, your carpet should be deep clean at least once a year.

If you smoke or have pets, your carpet must be treated as a focus of odours and germs, it should be deep clean every six months.

If you live with toddlers that happen to stay on the floor most of the time, you should deep clean your carpet every three months.

But, what about office carpets?

As office are use for workers, visitors, clients or transport of goods, the carpet is a high traffic area that should be deep clean every six months.

If you have spilled any substance, you may be able to dry it, but be careful!! There is a big probability that the dirty has grinded away in the carpet fibers, especially when a body fluid is the matter. A bad carpet cleaning can easily ruin your carpet and harm your health and the people you love.

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