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Touch Point Area Disinfection vs Wipe Down Cleaning. What is the difference?

Have you ever though about the difference between disinfection and cleaning?

According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention):

CDC describes Cleaning as the method of removal, usually with detergent and water a small range of microorganism and other debris for surface by manual or mechanical process.

Disinfection is the thermal or chemical destruction of pathogenic or another types of microorganism, disinfection is more lethal than sanitisation but less lethal than sterilisation


If your workplace of home just needs a touch up, the dust and the dirt is easily visible, but there is no risk of virus or cross contamination, a regular wipe down cleaning would be enough to maintain clean surfaces.

On the other hand, a Touch Point Area Disinfection Service is focused in the destruction of a wide range of bacteria and virus by using a specialised disinfectant chemical to the areas where people normally have more body contact. A good example of the Touch Point Areas are door handles, lift buttons or stairs bars. If you are working in a space where more than 20 people are in use of same facilities or where a possible virus focus is detected, and it is necessary to prevent the spread, this service is recommended for you.

Regarding this, you should ask, Do I have to clean or rinse disinfectant chemical after use?

The short answer is NO, while applying the chemical, the disinfection action creates a film that kills or inactivate the harmful microorganism. It is recommended no to remove this disinfectant residue/film unless, because of the chemical composition; this create a hazard for the workplace (oil or flammable).

Or, The disinfectant could damage the floor, surfaces, or fabrics?

In most cases the disinfectant chemical diluted in the correct rate does not cause any damage in commercial materials, but it is always advisable to check the product safety sheet when is to be apply in sensitive material like leather or wooden furniture.

We are in a stage to get over a pandemic situation, as part of our company social responsibility, we advise that you should get a proper disinfection of your workplace at least once, then a regular cleaning will maintain a clean and safe environment.

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