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30 June


What great customer service! So affordable and such amazing staff! Most of my family also use them, would definitely recommend. Thanks for the amazing service! - A.L




28 May 2015


Excellent services were offered. I am very pleased with the results that were offered and i would highly recommend Blueclean. They promise a good job and an excellent result is given.




20 Oct 2014


I used Blueclean Services and I must say that I was glad I contacted them.They have an excellent services and affordable prices for their service. The employees came the day and time that I needed and they were thorough cleaning. I am definitely recommending the cleaning services to anyone. Thanks.




22 Jan 2014


I used Blueclean services to clean my house. I rang them up and they gave me a very affordable price. The service was fantastic, the person that came was very punctual and professional. Moreover, the job was completed quickly and efficiently and the service was of high quality. Overall, I would recommend Blueclean services to anyone and I will definitely employ them again. Great service.




13 Dec 2013


Miguel and his business partner was absolutely professional with their cleaning work. The arrived on time, notified me and provided me with a very good price. After he completed the job he texted me to let me know the job was done. I'm impressed with their work ethic and I would definitely hire them again.





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