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Why do you need carpet cleaning service?

Carpet cleaning service or carpet steam cleaning is crucial to keep your carpets and rugs dirt-free and hygienic so your family, especially your children can live in a germ-free home. 


The core function of carpet cleaning is to eliminate as much as possible dirt and stains from the rug/ carpet without damaging the carpet. 


It is ideal to have carpet steam cleaning service every 6 months or even shorter if the carpets receive a high traffic. This will ensure genuine cleanliness, freshness & optimum health and safety for your family or staff.

Due to the result of steam cleaning, both visually and hygienically, it is, by default, a step in carpet cleaning. Hence, steam cleaning is the best way to clean carpet. 

In Sydney, Blue Clean is proud of being one of the best Carpet Cleaners company with certification from Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. We offer an outstanding steam carpet cleaning results for our customers at an affordable price. Here at Blue Clean, we are equipped with the highest quality machinery that is under regular maintenance. We only use the best steam carpet cleaning procedures making it a safe yet a powerful deep clean finish and the best cleaning experience to you, our client.

Our steam carpet cleaning process involves dry cleaning, pre-spraying, hot water extraction, rising, sanitisation, spot and stain cleaning and deodorising. This procedure ensures your carpets are deep cleaned thus expelling the pollutants and dirt from the fibres, leaving your rugs rejuvenated and fresh again.

Carpet Sanitisation

Our professional team are well trained to offer a efficient carpet sanitisation service, for carpet contaminated with body fluids, infection material,  pet's urine and all sort of  virus and bacteria control.

Blueclean Services perform a hazard/risk assessment prior the carpet sanitisation to assure that procedures, chemical and equipment are used properly for the health of the workers, customers and to protect the environment.

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We prioritise your satisfaction and we have upper-market guaranteed-satisfaction policy.

We use eco-friendly cleaning substances and we have the highest commitment towards protecting the environment.

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Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning services

How much does carpet cleaning usually cost?

At Blue Clean, we offer steam carpet cleaning service as low as $99 (GST incl). However, we only charge $10 more for 1 extra room (not include living room). That is because it takes time and effort to set up carpet cleaning machine, hence, the bigger the property, the more cost-effiency the carpet cleaning service.

What does carpet cleaning include?

Blue Clean's carpet cleaning service includes steam cleaning and rising the carpet. Our carpet cleaning service doesn't include vacuuming. We recommend our clients to vacuum the carpet and remove all the furniture before our cleaners arrive for best result.

Dry carpet cleaning vs Steam carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning service' best feature is you can use your carpet as soon as the cleaning job is finished. However, this cleaning service only gives a shallow cleaning which is unable to touch dirt and stains of the carpet. Steam carpet cleaning can remove hard stain and also remove all mould and harmful bacteria by using the heat of steam. However, this method usually takes 1-2 days (under good weather condition) to dry out, before it is completely dried, there is a high chance that your shoes and feets can dirty the carpet. Hence, it's recommended to do carpet cleaning in summer, when the wheather is hot and dry.

Should I clean my carpets myself?

If there are some small stains on your carpet, you can clean yourself. However, if the carpet receive a high traffic with a lot of tough stains, you should have a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the rug. You should get your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months to maintain hygiene and the look for your house.

What differentiate Blue Clean's carpet steam cleaning service


Since 2013, Blue Clean has offered a prominent carpet steam cleaning service for thousands of Sydney households and help them keep their home hygienic. If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Sydney whose Carpet steam cleaning service exceeds your expectation, look no further than Blue Clean. Try our carpet steam cleaning service and be awed by the results delivered by our experienced cleaners.

We GUARANTEE* our work! This means if you are unhappy with the results, we'll send another team to redo the cleaning for Absolutely NO extra charge!