Steam Cleaning

  • Certified by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

  • On-app trackable cleaners.

  • Tailored cleaning procedure fits your carpet/sofa condition.

  • Quality at Affordable prices.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Think Cleaning, Think BLUE CLEAN

Blue Clean Steam Carpet Cleaning Procedure

When we arrive, Blue Clean’s carpet cleaners will follow our steam cleaning steps.

We recommend clients to pre-vacuum their carpets as we don’t cover it in our Carpet cleaning services. Vacuuming carpet usually takes time if the area is big and we might charge you an extra to do it. 

Vaccum Cleaner

Step 1: Dirt Removal 


  • Firstly, we apply eco-friendly, non-toxic and carpet-friendly solution to the floor covering. Our professional rug cleaners will determine the concentration of the chemical depending on your carpet condition. 

  • Then we wait for the chemicals to loosen the dirt.

  • Lastly, we use a powerful steam cleaning machine (aka hot water extraction) to thoroughly remove all the dirty particles and the high temperature will kill all the mould and bacteria. 

Step 2: Rinsing

  • Our carpet cleaning service also comes with carpet rinsing to help the rug dry faster, preventing mould and bacteria from developing. 


  • Coffee, black tea, red wine, pet urine and other colour spills may not come off as they usually stain the fabric fibres.​

  • Our steam cleaning mostly removes dirt base stains.

  • Steaming is not suitable for natural flooring (Sisal, wooden floors…)

Vacuuming the Couch
For Lounge / couch steaming cleaning 


The vapor produced by the steam cleaner allows to deodorise and sanitise the sofa. The high-temperature steam also loosens and dissolves surface dirt.

Please make sure the steaming is suitable for the sofa fabric following the manufacturer instructions.

The weather conditions should be dry and not humid as it makes the drying process longer. A fan or air-conditioned will help reduce the drying process.


It takes usually 24 hours for fabrics to dry in good weather.