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About Blue Clean's Deep House Cleaning Service

Our deep house cleaning service includes dusting and wiping down accessible surfaces, vacuum & mop bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, hallways, laundry and balcony areas.

Deep house cleaning service

- Clean light switches, light fittings, light/bulb covers, power points, vents.

- Clean cobwebs, external cupboards, exterior wardrobes, skirting board.

- Wipe down doors surfaces, door handles, door frames; sliding door glasses.

- Spot wall cleaning (minor marks around light switches, power points)

- Dust and wipe accessible surfaces on furniture. 

- Clean interior windows glasses, window sills/tracks, window frames. 

- Clean Balcony door glasses in and out​


- Polish shower, glasses, mirrors.

- Clean external surfaces of cupboards and drawers

- Clean shower recess, bathtub, toilet, sink.

deep house cleaning service
deep house cleaning service

- Clean stove, splash-back, sink & microwave external.

- Spot Wipe Over accessible surfaces of kitchen cupboards

- Clean external surfaces of oven and fridge, dishwasher.


We might charge you an additional fee if you need:


  • Inside Oven clean

  • Inside fridge deep clean

  • Inside cupboard cleaning

  • Blind Wash

  • Steam carpet cleaning

  • Wall Wash including skirting boards

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Frequently asked questions about spring/ deep house cleaning

When should I use Spring cleaning/ deep house cleaning service?

As its name, Spring Cleaning is most suitable before the spring or summer season. However, whenever you feel like your house has not had a good makeover for a while, you can call us to deep clean your house and give it a brand new look. Deep house cleaning is an intense house cleaning service that can thoroughly clean your house. Deep house cleaning service is ideal for pre-selling property or after a renovation, or after a big party, or simply because you want your house to get extra clean. pring / deep cleaning is essential to maintaining a good living condition at home. There are so many elements contributing to the degrading condition of your property, those include dust, mould, food debris or even small pieces of trash stuck in between corners. You may not have all the time in the world to thoroughly clean your apartment once per week, or even once per month! Here's when a quick and efficient spring cleaning will give you back the beautiful living environment as you remember.

How much does it cost for deep house cleaning

As it is a heavy duty task, deep house cleaning is usually expensive. You can enjoy Blue Clean's upper-market deep house clean with a competitive price as low as $165. Call us at 0404 674 214 to get an exact quote.

What's the difference between a regular house cleaning and a deep house cleaning service?

In simple words, deep house cleaning is an premium normal house cleaning service which invovles heavy cleaning tasks. Hence, the service takes longer time and significant efforts to finish which make deep house clean more expensive compared to other cleaningn services.

What is included in deep house cleaning?

Deep house cleaning includes thorough mopping and cleaning under furniture, cleaning cobweb, wiping surfaces in all house areas such as bedroom, living room, hallway, bathroom.... See the deep house cleaning check list above.

What is spring cleaning/ deep house cleaning?

Spring cleaning or deep cleaning is a cleaning activity often done before transitioning into warmer seasons like spring or summer. This service can also be chosen for properties that have not been cleaned for a long time. Unlike regular house cleaning service, the Blue Clean team provide extra effort to dust and wipe down every accessible surfaces.

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What differentiate Blue Clean's Spring Cleaning Service?

Since 2013, Blue Clean has offered an exceptional spring cleaning/ deep house cleaning service for hundreds of Sydney families and help them enjoy their spotless house. If you are looking for a professional cleaning company whose spring cleaning service exceeds your expectation, look no further than Blue Clean. Try our deep house/ spring cleaning service and be awed by the results delivered by our experience cleaners.

We GUARANTEE* our work! Which means if you or your landlord want something more to be done on the property, we'll send another team to redo the cleaning for Absolutely NO extra charge!