Cleaning hard floor is not an easy task, regardless the hard floor is use for commercial or residential purposes, the accumulation of dust, spills and environmental factors can build-up grime and change the normal conditions and appearance of the floor.


Vacuuming and Moping in a regular basis can clean the hard floor, but in most cases is necessary a professional hard floor cleaning to rejuvenate hard surfaces and to assure its lifetime.


Blue Clean Services is specialised in providing the following hard floor cleaning services:


Pressure cleaning – outdoor floor cleaning

From backyards, walls to driveways, the day by day dust from street and environment can lead to a deterioration of the normal conditions of exterior floors for residential and commercial properties. Our professional cleaners use modern high-pressure cleaning equipment ideal for the removal of grime, oil, mould and any dirty on many types of exterior floors.

No Hustle!! Let us know where the problem is and our team will arrive on time, assess the area to be cleaned and just with a source of water, the equipment and the staff expertise, your exterior hard floor will look renovated and free of germs.

What types of exterior floor materials can be high-pressure cleaned?

  • Bricks

  • Concrete

  • Tiles

  • Pavers

Grout and tile cleaning

Do you have tiles that looks older than they actually are?

Having a tile and grout cleaning can significantly change the appearance of your tiles as well as prevent them to get an irreversible damaged through time. You can avoid re-tiling or re-grouting by having your hard floor professionally cleaned by Blue Clean Services.

For those grouts that haven’t been clean in a long time, the most cost effective solution is re-colouring your grouts, Blue Clean Services uses the best tools and products to ensure tiles and grouts are sealed and have fantastic finishes


We offer:

  • Guarantee service

  • Wide range of tiles cleaning service

  • Grout re-colouring when has a considerable decolouration or stubborn stains.

  • Professional and friendly staff

Marble Floor

Floor stripping and sealing

Our specialised team has been trained to provide the best tile/vinyl stripping and sealing service. This service is highly recommended to restore the shiny appearance of the hard floors as well as protect them from scratches and stains.

We assess every type of hard floor to use the most appropriate sealing solution and machines.

You will see your floors come to live again!!!

Advantage of getting your floor stripped and sealed with Blue Clean Services

  • Extend hard floor lifespan

  • Regular floor maintenance reduced to minimum


As a final stage after sealing hard floors. Blue Clean Services provide the service of buffing, that creates a lustre and polish look to the floor. By using a special machine, the sealed floor could get the shiny appearance that is always wanted.


This process is done by using the correct chemicals and equipment to protect wooden and tiled floors. Buffing does not remove scratches, but definitely you will notice the difference.