Sydney House Cleaning Services

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  • Certified by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

  • Tailored cleaning procedure fits your house condition

  • Quality at Affordable prices

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

House cleaning service

We love to take care of your place as nobody does. We are a team of professionals house/ domestic cleaners who provide spotless results and have high attention to detail especially in those hidden spots that no one can't see, so your house will always look clean and tidy.


Since 2013 Blue Clean has been providing house / domestic cleaning services. We know how important is the quality and your expectations so that we focus on responding to our clients' cleaning needs with great results.

House Cleaning checklist:

What to expect from a house cleaner?
Once-off Thorough Clean (Dusting, Wiping, Mopping) 
Cleaning the Counter

Bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, hallways, laundry.

  • Remove cobweb

  • Empty all bins

  • Polish mirrors, Clean marks from glasses.

  • Vacuum or Mop hard floors and/or carpet 

  • Dust and Wipe accessible external surfaces and furniture,

  • Wipe down and clean 

    • Shower glass, tiles and shower recess

    • Toilet, sink, taps

    • Bathtub.

  • Clean cupboards surface

  • Polish mirrors.

White Bathroom
  • Wipe down from surfaces of splash back, benches,

  • Clean external surface of Cupboards, Microwave, Stove top

We supply cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment or we can work with your own chemicals and equipments.

What we consider Extras?

  • Window Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Inside Fridge Cleaning

  • Inside Cupboard Cleaning...

Looking for a germ-free, COVID-free home? Consider to add our sanitisation service with a reasonable extra.  

Normal house cleaning doesn't satisfy your standard? Be amazed by our deep house cleaning service!

CLick "Get Free Quote" button below to get instant quote or Call Us on 0404 674 214 to get FREE Quote for your cleaning services.

Frequently asked questions about house cleaning service.

Why should I hire a house cleaner? Is it worth hiring a house cleaner?

Although hiring a housemaid or using a house cleaning service seems luxurious and costly for many people, the benefits are really worth your money. Instead of cleaning the kitchen surface, the stove, the sink or brushing the bidet, shower, bathtub… you can have significantly more time for your work, children and ultimately, yourself by using a house cleaning service. Besides, you hire a professional house cleaning service because they’re professional! They can clean your house quickly and much more thoroughly than you. Some people are just simply good and are better at cleaning than others, just like your mom. Especially, when you have a 3-4 bedroom house with several other vast areas, using house cleaners is a considerable investment. Blue Clean has offered house cleaning service since 2013 and we have always satisfied our clients for an upper-market quality with an affordable price and great flexibility.

Independent housemaid vs house cleaning company service

Independent maids are definitely cheaper as they don’t share the income with a third party. However, without assurance from a registered business, you need to find someone trustworthy and experienced. With a professional cleaning company, you can put all those worries down as their cleaners are well-trained, professionally supervised and having background checked.

How much does a house cleaning service cost?

Blue Clean commits to offer upper-market quality house cleaning service at an affordable price. You can enjoy our top-notch cleaning service at just as low as $99 (GST incl). Our satisfaction guarantee policy can satisfy any customer. If you are unhappy with the result of our house cleaning service, we will send another team to fix for FREE.

What is regular house cleaning?

Regular house cleaning is important in keeping your house tidy and clean at all times. It's always better to do a bit of cleaning every week or two to keep you free from the heavy cleaning. At Blue Clean Services, we are trusted by thousands of customers to keep their homes and properties perfectly tidy. Our clients range from short-term renters to families or even Airbnb service providers. All different needs, but we always strive to meet their standards of cleanliness.

How often should I use regular house cleaning?

There is no set standard for how many times your house should be cleaned, it's all up to you. As for us, there is no such thing as big or small job. We give you the option to choose from a one-off service or a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly to fit your cleaning needs and schedule.

Cactus Plant

House Cleaning Services

Entrusted Cleaners

Police checked, insured, fully trained and assessed cleaners

Eco - Friendly

Eco -friendly cleaning substances with highest commitment

Secured Payment

Automatically charge your card after the cleaning is completed

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the result, we return and fix for FREE

What differentiate Blue Clean's house cleaning service?


Since 2013, Blue Clean has been offering excellent house cleaning services for thousands of Sydney tenants and help them save time for their family, work and themselves. If you are looking for a professional cleaning company that can leave your house spotlessly clean, look no further than Blue Clean. Try our house cleaning service and be awed by the results delivered by our experienced cleaners.

We GUARANTEE* our work! This means if you are unhappy with the results, we'll send another team to redo the cleaning for Absolutely NO extra charge!

Our Happy Customers

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Sydney House Cleaning Service


Imagine after 10 hours of travelling and working, you return to a spotlessly cleaned house with mopped floor, organised kitchen and a shiny bathroom. Isn't that feeling relief and heaven-like?


Since 2013, Blue Clean has been offering house cleaning services for thousands of Sydneysiders, and we love our job! Our passionate housemaids have been dedicated their best effort to clean your house as we all know that you are busy!


At Blue Clean, we regulate all cleaning services, and House cleaning is one of the highest standardised services. Our housemaids are thoroughly trained to keep their eyes on the details and ensure the perfect results. Furthermore, our satisfaction guarantee policy is a big plus if you are considering using house cleaning services.  


We also care about your family's health and the Earth, so we only use human-safe and eco-friendly cleaning substances which also don't leave harsh smells and are furniture-friendly.


We also consider your property that our cleaners all have to undergo background police check to give you peace of mind. 


So if you wish to have more time to cook for your family a lovely meal, to have extra time with your children, or to have a peaceful "me-time" after a long day, call Blue Clean today and let us free your hands!