Pre-Sale Cleaning Services

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Presale Cleaning

  • Certified by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

  • On-app trackable cleaners.

  • Tailored cleaning procedure fits your property condition.

  • Quality at Affordable prices.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Why should I use the Pre Sale cleaning service?

The real estate market is getting tough, and obviously, a clean and spotless house or apartment will bring a good impression for buyers and hence, a better possibility of selling. However, this is not an easy task. After a big renovation or removal of old furniture, there are usually stains, paints, and other tough dirt that normal cleaning can't remove. 


Let us take care of the hustle, we will take care of every single cleaning detail before you open your property for inspections. You won't have to worry about it, there are other important things that you might want to spend your time in preparing to successfully sell your property. Our great Pre-sale cleaning service with an eye for detail will make your house more appealing.

Blueclean Services offers Pre-sale cleaning services

Pre-Sale cleaning checklist

What to expect from a house pre-sale cleaner?

Our house pre-sale cleaning service includes dusting and wiping down accessible surfaces, vacuum & mop bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, hallways, laundry and balcony areas.

Deep house cleaning service
General areas

- Clean light switches, light fittings, light/bulb covers, power points, vents.

- Clean cobwebs, external cupboards, exterior wardrobes, skirting board.

- Wipe down doors surfaces, door handles, door frames; sliding door glasses, window sills/tracks, window frames.

- Spot wall cleaning (minor marks around light switches, power points)

- Dust and wipe accessible surfaces on furniture. 

- Clean interior window and balcony. 


- Clean shower, glasses, mirrors.

- Clean external surfaces on cupboards and drawers

- Clean shower recess, bathtub, toilet, sink.

deep house cleaning service
deep house cleaning service

- Clean stove, splash-back, bench, sink & microwave in & out.

- Wipe Over cupboards from outside

- Remove any oil or food scraps on the floor

We only clean behind and under the furnitures if they are accessible and lightweight for our lady cleaning contractors.


Our Pre-sale cleaning service does not include the following:


  • Oven clean

  • Inside fridge deep clean

  • Inside cupboard cleaning

  • Steam carpet cleaning

  • Blind Wash

  • Wall Wash including skirting boards

  • Balcony door glasses in and out​

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