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 After Builders

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Post - Renovation

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What is considered a post-renovation cleaning?
  • Property partially renovated

  • No tradies on site, inside or outside of the property

  • Job is expected to get some areas with building dirt to be cleaned, the rest of the property is just dusty.

 Post - construction 

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What is considered a post-construction cleaning?
  • Property fully renovated

  • No tradies on site, inside or outside of the property

  • Job is expected to get all the areas in the property with building dirt to be cleaned.

After Builders Cleaning

Renovating is an exciting big investment to turn your house into a true cozy home. The first thing you might really want todo after the renovation is to dig in decorating your beloved home with a great exciting spirit. However, that excitement can disappear as soon as you see the immense mess from the renovation. There is not better feeling than making your place truly yours, but not so much when you after all that project comes even more hard work in cleaning and leaving your home sparkling clean.


Blue Clean is keen to assist you with the overwhelming cleaning that always comes after renovating your home. We offer a cleaning package to remove the excess of dirt after such a long work.

Blue Clean's After Builders Cleaning Service checklist:

What to expect from an after builders cleaner?
Once-off Thorough Clean (Dusting, Wiping, Mopping) 
Cleaning the Counter

Including bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, hallways, laundry and balcony.

  • Remove protective plastics, glue, stickers, plaster, paint & debris remains. 

  • Clean accessible windows and balcony door windows/glasses in and out if any

  • Remove fine dust from light switches, light fittings, power points, vents and mirrors. 

  • Remove cobweb

  • Windows cleaning - inside

  • Remove fine dust, excess paint.

  • Wipe down from surfaces in shower glass and tiles, shower recess, toilet, sink, taps mirror, walls, vents,

  • Clean cupboards/drawers in & out

White Bathroom
  • Remove fine dust

  • Wipe down from surfaces in splash back, benches, range hood, hot plates & knobs, Cook top,

  • Clean Cupboards/drawers in & out.

Important Note

No other workers / tradies should be working while the cleaning is happening. Cleaning should be the last work to happen for the house presentation. 

We use special chemicals to remove the excess paints on surface which don't usually damage your furniture. 

What we consider Extras?

  • Window Cleaning from outside

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Inside Fridge Cleaning

  • Inside Cupboard Cleaning

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