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Point to Point Transport

Vehicle Sanitisation Station

+ Recommended by Transport for NSW

+ Protect yourself and your customers from COVID-19

+ Receive a certificate showing your vehicle is COVID-safe and give your customers peace of mind when driving with you.

+ Receive extra customer services only at Blue Clean (Free coffee, windows cleaning...)


Why should you come to our vehicle sanitisation station?

  1. It's FREE! Yes, you don't have to pay anything as the program is funded by Transport for NSW.

  2. Sanitise your car, protect you and your customers from COVID-19.

  3. We vacuum and eliminate odour your car to keep your car extra clean for a happy & 5-star ride!

  4. FREE masks (5/day) and sanitiser liquid (1bottle/week).

  5. Exclusive loyalty rewards: free windows cleaning and car mats steam cleaning (terms and conditions applied). Note: this reward system is only applicable at Blue Clean station.

  6. Excellent customer service: we have friendly and helpful staff, free coffee and muffins, you can start your day happily with full battery!  

Important note: This is a sanitisation service, we only sanitise by wiping touchpoints in your car, with our certified disinfectant, we don't clean your car. 

Who can be served?

Those who are listed below can enjoy this vehicle sanitisation for free:

  • (any) Taxi provider 

  • (any) Ride share provider (i.e Uber, Didi, Ola...)

  • (any) Hired car 

  • (any) Company car

  • (any) Community transport (less than 15 seaters)

This service does not cover personal cars.

Location and business hours

Blue Clean's Vehicle Sanitisation Station tender in Unit 6, 13 -15 Wollongong Rd, Arncliffe NSW 2205.

Business hours:

Mon - Sat, 7 am to 5 pm.

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Blueclean Property Services has been awarded a contract by Transport for NSW to provide point to point transport vehicle sanitisation services for the St George area. Taxis, hire vehicles (including rideshare), as well as community transport, are now eligible for the complimentary twice-per-vehicle-per-day service located at Unit 6, 13 -15 Wollongong Rd, Arncliffe NSW 2205.

NSW Government vehicles including NSW Ambulance, Police and Health vehicles are also eligible for the vehicle sanitisation service to further support the community.

The NSW Government launched this initiative to help keep drivers and passengers safer during COVID-19. This service gives passengers more confidence in the safety of point to point transport including taxis and community transport services. 

Vehicle sanitisation includes disinfecting high-touch areas like outside and inside door handles, window controls, headrests and payment terminals.

The Blue Clean vehicle sanitisation station commenced operations on 14th  September 2020.


For more information about the vehicle sanitisation station program visit

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