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Virus Sanitising & Disinfection Cleaning

Are you looking for disinfection service for your office or house? Blue Clean is your answer! We have a certification for COVID-19 infection control certification from Australia's Department of Health. We are one of the most active pioneers in COVID-19 disinfectant cleaning service in Sydney since the first outbreak.

At Blue Clean, our effort is to provide a clean and safe environment. For that reason, we have thoroughly trained our cleaners and have created specialised procedures to provide the best disinfection service in Sydney.

Our disinfection cleaning not only acts as COVID-19 infection cleaning control but can also be a germ, virus and bacterial cleaning. The service will give your home or work space hygienically clean, prevent your family or employee from harmful diseases. 

By deactivating, killing and physically removing the virus in surfaces, our highly trained staff will ensure your workplace or house are efficiently disinfected and virus free.

What we serve

We serve sanitising/ disinfection cleaning for and not limited to:



Store/ Outlets

Medical Centre


Sanitising options

Depending on the property and your requirements, we offer 2 options for sanitising/ disinfection cleaning service (Click to jump to the section), including:

Suitable for house, shop and small office/ property area. 

Suitable for big office/ property area, factory and store.


Surface Wiping

This disinfection cleaning service is suitable for regular cleaning any type of property or facilities. We use a special disinfectant substance to sanitise every touchpoint within your property. This disinfectant chemical is human and eco friendly which is totally safe and strong enough to kill any virus and bacterial, including COVID-19 virus. 


Note: Disinfection service is not a cleaning service, our cleaners only wipe over touch points areas, the service might not eliminate grease and stain marks. The sanitisation substance can leave marks on glass surfaces such as screens and mirrors. 

If you combine with other services such as House cleaning or Office cleaning, we'll offer the sanitising service as an extra for a cheaper price.  

Please find more information about other commercial and residential cleaning service below:

covid-19 cleaning

Bio- fogging


This disinfection cleaning service is suitable for non-regular infection control cleaning for big properties such as big office, factory site, medical, yoga, gym showroom. It is recommended to use disinfection cleaning service monthly or when you have a suspicious case come to your property.

We have created an alternative cleaning disinfection service that involves a sterilisation process through Bio misting / cold fogging that forms a fine mist to destroy a high percentage if not all the bacteria and viruses that are not eliminated with the usual cleaning.


Our Fogging disinfection specialists are equipped with quality protective gear, sealed eyes protection, latex gloves, and double filter respiratory masks.


The chemical used is safe to do fogging, not creating any hazard on electric equipment or hot sources. This is also TGA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 and protect all surfaces.

Disinfection cleaning service

At Blue Clean, we have a specialised cleaning service for bacterial and virus Disinfection, specifically designed to treat the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our Disinfection treatment involves a sterilisation process through Bio Misting / Cold Fogging.

The Ultra Low Volume (UVL) fogger forms a cold wet mist to destroy a high percentage if not all the infective agents that are not eliminated with the usual cleaning

Our Virus Disinfection Cleaning is a preventative and emergency cleaning to stop the spread from surface to person of COVID19

Experts have said that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on a surface for up to seven days, and with asymptomatic individuals infected by the virus not showing any symptoms, for a couple of weeks after infection, it makes the virus very hard  to contain.

Our team of Disinfection Specialists are equipped with proactive gear, sealed eyes protection, latex gloves and double-filter respiratory masks.  

Common areas are extremely vulnerable for bacteria and viruses to stay in and it is one of the reasons why it is crucial to frequently disinfect these areas.

Our Disinfection cleaning teams have experienced working with residential properties and buildings, Office Buildings,  Strata buildings, cafes and restaurants, day care centres, schools,  or anywhere where a preventive measure is needed agains infective agents. 

All Blue Clean Specialists in Disinfection have completed the eLearning Certificate in Infection Control Training by the Department of Health.

Why should I choose Blue Clean's Covid-19 Disinfection cleaning service?

👍🏼 Appropriate PPE used by all our trained staff

👍🏼 Use of hospital grade chemical TGA listed and approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus).

👍🏼 Disinfection service completely safe on all surfaces

👍🏼 Our personnel are certified in infection control training.

Frequently asked questions about disinfection service

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting service?

Cleaning means to physically remove dirt and grime from surfaces using a cleanser and water solution. The cleanser might also have the ability to eliminate a certain percentage of germs (bacteria and viruses), depending on how biologically strong the cleanser is. Disinfecting means using specialised substances which are labelled as ‘disinfectant’ to kill germs on surfaces. These chemicals usually have an intense sterilizing property which can kill 99,9% of viruses that normal cleansers can’t do. It’s essential to clean before disinfecting as dirt and grime can reduce the sanitisation efficiency. Blue Clean uses a disinfectant that received recognition from the Department of Health. However, disinfectants usually leave marks on glasses such as mirrors. Hence, we recommend using disinfection cleaning as an extra of other cleaning services for best results.

Can I use sanitiser as disinfection cleansers?

Although sanitisers are usually advertised that they can kill 99,9% germs, they are not as strong as disinfectants, which makes them safe to use on skin. If you’re disinfecting a hard surface or inanimate object, a disinfectant is the best option. Consider to use bio-fogging service for air disinfection.

How often should I do a routine disinfection?

It is recommended to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that have high touching-traffic. Crowded areas such as stores and offices should disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least once daily. Combine with our office cleaning services for a discount price. All surfaces should be cleaned with detergent prior to disinfection. Alternatively, you may be able to do a 2-in-1 clean and disinfection by using a combined detergent and disinfectant.

How much does disinfection cleaning cost?

Depending which option of disinfection cleaning you choose, we offer various prices and discount.
For Wiping option, we charge as low as $80+/2 hours (GST incl), especially, If you combine with other cleaning service such as house cleaning or office cleaning, we can add disinfection service as extra with a competitive discount price. Call us now for the exact quote.
For Bio-fogging, we offer as low as $100+/ session (GST incl). This service can also be combined with other service, ideally with mould treatment or Wiping disinfection cleaning which is highly recommended if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case coming to your place.

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