Our team of Disinfection Specialists are equipped with proactive gear, sealed eyes protection, latex gloves and double-filter respiratory masks.  

Virus Sanitising & Disinfection Cleaning

Experts have said that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on a surface for up to seven days, and with asymptomatic individuals infected by the virus not showing any symptoms, for a couple of weeks after infection, it makes the virus very hard  to contain.


The Ultra Low Volume (UVL) fogger forms a cold wet mist to destroy a high percentage if not all the infective agents that are not eliminated with the usual cleaning

At Blue Clean, we have a specialised cleaning service for bacterial and virus Disinfection, specifically designed to treat the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our Disinfection treatment involves a sterilisation process through Bio Misting / Cold Fogging.

Our Virus Disinfection Cleaning is a preventative and emergency cleaning to stop the spread from surface to person of COVID19

Common areas are extremely vulnerable for bacteria and viruses to stay in and it is one of the reasons why it is crucial to frequently disinfect these areas.

Our Disinfection teams have experienced working Residential Properties and Buildings, Office Buildings,  Strata buildings, cafes and restaurants, day care centres, schools,  or anywhere where a preventive measure is needed agains infective agents. 

All Blue Clean Specialists in Disinfection have completed the eLearning Certificate in Infection Control Training by the Department of Health 

Commercial disinfectants are applied with an efficient spray ability to eliminate infective agents and hignly reduce the load of viruses and bacteria in the environment