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High risk of hiring a private cleaners

Three risks that customers may face when hiring private cleaners

1. Lack of Insurance

Imagine what will happen if the cleaners come to work on your place and accidentally fall. This leads to a broken arm, broken leg, and that cleaner has no insurance​. Do you have insurance to cover the cleaner and your home in the case of an accident rather than legal issues? What if they fall and break a leg due to a safety reason that the cleaner was not aware of or informed while cleaning, and you are held responsible for failing to provide safety? What if that person wants to make a big deal out of it and blame you for the accident, wants to take you to court because your home is an unsafe place to work. Fairwork and the court is full of cases. You are in a huge amount of trouble. Insurance is essential when looking for cleaners because we are not able to predict what will happen during the cleaning process.

2. Untrustworthy

For a cleaning service company, when recruiting employees, the human resources department will ask for their documents such as police checks, ID, etc according to the government's requirements so that the company knows who they are, as well as to ensure the safety of customers using the cleaning service of the company. When a customer searches for a private cleaner, the customer can only see their ID, additionally, the customer would not see or the cleaner does not have a police check. Furthermore, you are too occupied to notice all of the paperwork that a cleaner must-have. However, as a result of your carelessness, you unintentionally put yourself in a dangerous situation. How do you know who that employee used to be if you do not run a background check? And you are too busy at work or have an urgent job to go out, so the cleaner is alone at home, and whatever happens, will happen. When there are too many wingless things that fly in the house, you return disappointed. You won't be able to regret it again at this point.

3. Unsafety

Not only those things were mentioned above, but also is the equipment they use in your home safe and still usable? If you are not an industry person or someone with experience in the field of cleaning, how do you know? From that ignorance, they can take advantage of your trust to put an ineligible device into operation, what if during their work and that device catches fire in your house? You are putting yourself, and your loved ones in danger.

Thereby, before you let an employee work you need to make sure the employee has insurance, has a police check, has legal conditions to live and work in Australia, and more. You need to have a little experience with cleaning equipment to ensure the safety of you and your family members. And if possible, you should ask the cleaning staff about vaccine certification during the current epidemic.


Too many steps to take when hiring cleaners on your own, and you do not have the time or experience in the field of cleaning. So why not hire a service company. All you have to do is choose the service you want, and let the company take care of the rest of the world.

You are stuck with so many steps to do before hiring a private cleaner. Blue Clean is here to help you out!

When coming to Blue Clean, you will get rid of worrying about the quality of services as well as the company's employees and equipment.

Every cleaner hired by the company has to go through two rounds of interviews, first, the cleaner needs to provide personal documents such as ID, Visa Status, Police check, Certificate of Covid test, Vaccine Certificate to ensure credibility company reputation as well as the safety of customers. Next, our company will check the quality of cleaning equipment provided by the staff to put it into use and operate at the customer's request. Next is the face-to-face interview round to understand the employee's working style and working attitude so that we can arrange a reasonable time and work for the employee while also ensuring quality service to customers. After working with the cleaner, the company will buy cover insurance for employees as well as ensure the rights of customers when using our services, when there is an accident accidentally to employees, the company and the insurance will be fully responsible. Customers coming to Blue Clean only need to book a service package, enjoy and experience Blue Clean's services. When compared to countless jobs that must be managed to complete by yourself, it's much easier to book and enjoy this service, right?

Employees will meet privately with the human resources manager after being admitted to the company for guidance on company policies and safety introduction, which is followed by the standards of the government and the company. New and inexperienced employees will be trained on the job and closely monitored to ensure service quality.

Blue Clean Property Services is staying operational. You can take advantage of our full range of cleaning services, which includes everything from one-time and general house cleaning to more specialised services.

Not seeing the cleaning service you need? Please browse our range of cleaning services here.

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