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Can a cleaner come to your house during a lockdown?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Blue Clean's cleaners come to your house during lockdown

Sydney lockdown has been extended for three months. Some people say they have already merged with their homes, as everything happens in their tiny houses or flats. As many of us are working from home, our activities have built up dust and grime. Research shows that clutter can make us feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. More than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are essential. It would help if you had a spotless environment to boost your mood up.

We understand there are more things to do than just mopping floors, sweeping the dust, or wiping the windows. But the strict regulation makes you wonder if the cleaner can come to your house during a lockdown. Fortunately,

This post will explain step-by-step how to get a cleaner to come to your house during the lockdown and how we, Blue Clean, improve our COVID-safe measures following NSW Health Regulations.

Are your house eligible for in-home cleaning services?

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According to NSW Health's official publication, a cleaner can come to your house or residential building as long as you are outside of local government areas of concern.

However, suppose your house or residential unit locates in the local government areas of concern. In that case, the cleaner can only provide cleaning services as part of care services for people with a disability or the elderly.

Blue Clean Property Services is staying operational. You can take advantage of our entire range of cleaning services, from one-off and general house cleaning to more specialized services. Here is what our cleaners can help you with during the lockdown:

Not seeing the cleaning service you need? Please browse our range of cleaning services here.

Which cleaner can come to your house for residential cleaning?

Any workers who live in or are temporarily staying in Greater Sydney (except workers who live in or are temporarily staying in a local government area of concern).

Blue Clean's cleaners are all from non-LGA. We always make sure that our staffs follow the COVID-safe measures at work, including:

  • Fully vaccinated or weekly provide the COVID-19 test results before sending to the house,

  • wearing masks and gloves at all time,

  • and minimizing time spent in any indoor common property areas.

Should you leave or stay when the cleaner comes to your house?

NSW Health states that:

no more than two people are working in an indoor area at the same time;
a resident must stay in a separate indoor area where the work is being carried out
no more than five people are working in an outdoor area at the same time.

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We suggest that you go out for a walk during the cleaning to help the cleaner have their own space for efficient work. Our cleaners have been trained and worked with us for a long time, they have a police check, and Blue Clean also provides Public Liability Insurance. Our customers rely on us, most go out for exercise to give the cleaner a suitable environment.

Customers' reviews on Blue Clean during lockdown


  • For all types of cleaning, your house/residential building needs to be outside of Local government areas of concern (LGA). A cleaner can come to your house only to care for a disability or elder if you are in LGA.

  • Cleaners need to provide 72-hour test results before coming to your house; they also need to wear masks and gloves and follow NSW capacity limits.

  • Blue Clean cleaners are COVID-safe qualified, and reliable, who can help you with all of your cleaning concerns.

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